One word to describe 2020? MEAN! (or M.I.N.T?) 😏

2020 may not be the best year but hey, it has gifted us powerful lessons that created opportunities for new thinking. Our lives were reshuffled and thrown into a whirlwind of uncertainty but at the same time, it has steered our focus towards everyday affairs that we think little of.

If it wasn’t for these stay-home days, when would we ever get to clear that pile of mess tucked in the corner of our bedroom? Or when would we have ever noticed that we actually need a much more decent storage system for all our knick-knacks and reading materials? 

So if there’s one thing to be thankful of, it’s that we were able to enjoy life in the slow lane and re-evaluate the spaces around us. And this was exactly what Minthe(d) set out for – to rediscover our spaces as a creative playground and have fun from the seemingly little things (such as getting creative with your WFH set-ups)! #Throwback to our very first article – ‘Hey, It’s Playtime’. 

2020 is the first year since Minthe(d) has kicked off and despite it being a rocky start due to Covid-19, we managed to weather the storm and we are now prepared for an even more exciting journey ahead. 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and celebrate our milestones this year! 


Acacia M.I.N.T Blocks (Our star product!)

Acacia block hexagonal shelf dividers

Launched in May, the Acacia Block is our very first product to hit the homes and spaces of the community. Intuitively designed with magnetic connectors, the blocks are multifunctional in nature and are meant to combat small living spaces in modern homes. 

More than just selling products, Minthe(d) strived to go above and beyond to offer a tailored experience for each customer. With the notion to encourage more control and expression over personal spaces, we started M.I.N.T Creative Studio – an extensive customisation services for the Acacia Blocks. With add-on accessories such as lightings and shelf dividers, our customers get to create new spaces within their space!  


Acacia block hexagonal shelf customisation project

Acacia block hexagonal shelf customisation project

“Both my son and myself really love the blocks so much and we even installed the LED lights with it, which looks very COOL.” – Lily


Neem M.I.N.T Blocks (Another crowd favourite!)

Neem block storage stool side table

Neem block storage stool side table 

An elaborated concept of our hexagonal design, the Neem Block functions as a modular storage stool/side table. With its detachable cover accessory, it can even be used as an umbrella holder, decorative pot for tall artificial plants and footstool to rest your legs. Its versatility has won the hearts of many customers who returned for a second purchase because one Neem Block is simply not enough!


Neem block storage stool display

“Amazing service! I’ve ordered 3 stools from them… their stools are really cool and complete the look of my modern themed apartment and I like that they serve as good storage space too.” – Shayna


Home Décor Accessories

Our latest product launch in November boasts a range of accessories that complements the Acacia Blocks. Be it functional add-ons or aesthetic display pieces, these accessories definitely brought joy to our customers’ homes!

Accessories display

Accessories display

Figure of thoughts plant potFigure of Thoughts (Best-selling accessory!)

3D illusion lamp3D Illusion Lamp

Neon light standNeon Light Stand

Magnetic sensor light

Magnetic Sensor Light


What’s up for 2021!

We are grateful for all the support throughout and we do take each and every feedback to heart. We have received tons of enquiries to bring in more colour selections for the Acacia Blocks and we heard you guys! So sit tight and get ready to be spoilt with choices in the coming year. 

You can also look forward to an exciting line-up of activities and an even wider range of product categories. Psst.. we can’t wait to launch the highly anticipated Pet Series! 

And to celebrate our milestones thus far, we are treating you to some wonderful deals for a smashing good year ahead. 

Free gifts
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Let’s welcome the new year with lots of positivity and hopes for a better journey ahead! And if you ever need a creative buddy to perk up your spaces, Minthe(d) is here to provide you with the brains and tools to create a safe space to unleash your creativity. 

It has been a memorable year and we will see you guys in 2021!