“Self-expression is the dominant necessity of human nature”
– Dale Carnegie

By virtue of being human, we all have our own unique traits and personalities, which are often conveyed across different outlets – be it explicitly through the words we speak or subconsciously through our behavior.

Self-expression is a powerful tool that reflects who we are, and expression can be practical and fun. Just like how we express ourselves through the things we do and the way we dress, we can do the same through the spaces we live in!

“A living space speaks volumes about the person who lives there”

We can add character to our home by creating spaces that is a true reflection of our unique identity and style. And understanding your personality is the first step! Are you bold, energetic and hands-on? Or are you more laid back and enjoy a quiet afternoon with a cup of coffee or tea?

Well, the good news is that no matter what your personality is, there’s a M.I.N.T Block just for you!

Check out our user guide for a quick personality quiz to find out what kind of M.I.N.T Block owner you are.

M.I.N.T Blocks are a form of expression that allows you to create a statement for your spaces.

Let’s have a look at how you can express your style with M.I.N.T Blocks!


1. The Maker

Are you a creative maker with a passion for hands-on crafts? Now, you can build the workshop of your dreams and get inspired to work your magic. With M.I.N.T Blocks, you can focus on your crafts and builds while having your tools organised. Clear space, clear mind!


2. The Entrepreneur

If you spend the days hustling at your desk and productivity is what you seek for, then M.I.N.T Blocks will be your new creative work buddy! Functional yet not compromising on aesthetics, you can now take charge of your workspace with M.I.N.T Blocks as your organised storage system. Let’s make the office (or your WFH set-ups) great again!


3. The Collector

Do you have a sentimental collection of vintage items, toys or even comic books? Regardless of your interest, we know you are committed to the things you value so why not take your collection to the next level with M.I.N.T. Blocks! Display and deck out your collectibles however you like to bring out your own personal style. And voilà, there you have it – your own curated gallery.


4. The Playground Enthusiast

Who says you can’t be yourself after transiting into parenthood? You can still have fun and express your style as a mum or dad! Build a creative playground for your kids and have them join in the fun as well. M.I.N.T Blocks are perfect for toys storage as you can easily arrange and add on to suit your kids’ ever-growing toys collection. Even the little ones will adore them as much as they love their toys!


5. The Sociable Host

Are you a social butterfly who enjoys having your loved ones and friends over for a fun get-together? This is the time for you to show off your creative set-ups and be the perfect host for every party and gathering (after this stay-home period of course!). Wow your guests by transforming the M.I.N.T Blocks into a creative food stand and even a versatile coffee table!

As we say, there’s a M.I.N.T Block for everyone and every space! It’s time to experiment with your environment and express your style with us.

We have some good news to share – the M.I.N.T Blocks are officially available for purchase! To celebrate our launch, we are offering free local shipping for all orders above SGD150. Simply apply promo code ‘FS150’ upon check out. Fastest fingers first, this promotion is only available for a limited time!

Check out our shop now and get your blocks rolling!