Video calling your friends…

Binge-watching shows…

Attending online workout classes…

Scrolling through social media for the x time of the day…

Trying out new recipes (psst dalgona coffee)…


Have you reached the end of your to-do list yet?

With the cabin fever kicking in, it is no doubt that our mood and mental health will get affected (boohoo to cancelled plans and events).

But in a positive light, we can place this situation in our favor to catch up with ourselves and work on things that we couldn’t empty our time for previously.

And of course, with everyone’s being cooped up at home, the more our travel bugs are itching. But a getaway seems almost impossible now. Since the idea of a vacation is so that you can visit a new place and gain a new experience, why not transform the spaces in your own home instead?


Er… no we don’t mean that.

What we meant is spinning something new with the spaces around you like perking up your study room, bedroom, living hall etc.

Studies show that the environment plays a major role in influencing our behavior, and affecting our mood and motivation to do things. Now that most of us are being confined within the four walls of our homes, it is even more important to cultivate a living space that breaks the monotony of our stay-home days.

As an advocate for fun and innovation, Minthe(d) is driven by the belief that – 


“Limited space doesn’t mean limited creativity”


We believe that spaces are an extension of identity and we are here to empower individuals to unleash their creativity, experiment with their environment and express themselves freely.

With our product, M.I.N.T Blocks – ACACIA, you can create your own modular furniture just by attaching and detaching individual blocks with the magnetic connectors.

Check out our previous article on ideas to connect, stack and mount the M.I.N.T Blocks.

And of course, the fun doesn’t stop there! Let’s take things up a notch with customised M.I.N.T Blocks. From add-on lightings to shelf dividers, the blocks can be customised to tailor to your personal needs and spaces.


1. Liven up your living hall

Regardless of your style, M.I.N.T Blocks can spruce up your living area and fill in pocket of spaces thanks to its modular and transformative nature. 


2. Make your WFH moments count

Say goodbye to messy desks and hello to productive days ahead! Functional yet not compromising on aesthetics, M.I.N.T Blocks can keep your study room organised so you can focus on the right things.


3. Let’s spice things up

They say a messy kitchen is a sign of happiness but having an organised storage can make your prepping work a lot more convenient and time-saving. With customised shelf dividers, M.I.N.T Blocks can be transformed into your handy kitchen helper.


4. There’s never a dull corner

M.I.N.T Blocks can also be illuminated to present a different look and feel. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, the blocks can be customised to fit any style and space.


5. For the furkids!

With M.I.N.T Blocks, you can create customised playgrounds for man’s best friends so that they get to enjoy their own spaces at home too.

Inspired by these customisation ideas yet?

There is still so much more that you can do with M.I.N.T Blocks! Check out our e-brochure here for more exciting ideas.

Now that we are on it, why not add another item on your ‘stay home to-do list’ to create your own spaces? And check it off with us!

Let’s all stay home, stay safe and stay sane during this tough period. We can all get through this together!


Hit us up at if you have any customisation requirements in mind and we are more than happy to aid you in creating your own spaces with M.I.N.T Blocks!