We all know that social distancing is a thing. In fact, because of these measures, we have learned to re-value our personal space and heighten our spatial awareness.

Well, I’m sure we all agree that it is equally important to have our own personal space at home too – where we can have a moment to think, read and relax. Regardless if you’re living with your parents, sharing an apartment with other housemates, or even owning a house with your spouse, we all need that ‘social distance’ for our alone time.

But with the size constraints of apartments in Singapore, how do we make room to achieve this little piece of heaven?

At Minthe(d), we have the perfect solution for this. With M.I.N.T Blocks, you don’t have to make space for your personal sanctuary; you can create new spaces with them!

So how can a few hexagonal blocks help you to create your own private nook? The M.I.N.T Block is an all-in-one furniture that is multi-functional and space-saving. To put it simply, instead of purchasing a coffee table, a storage system and display shelves separately, M.I.N.T Blocks can function as all of the above (and even more!) purposes.

And the best thing about M.I.N.T Blocks is that you can switch them around spaces whenever you like!

Here’s how you can create your ultimate Zen zone with the M.I.N.T Blocks.


1. Declutter Your Space and Mind

Coming home to a clean space can tame your stress and allow you to focus better with a clear head. There are many ways to store your non-essentials such as chucking them away in some good old boxes and shelves. But what’s better than that? A storage holder that doubles up as a stool and side table!

We are proud to introduce a new addition to our M.I.N.T Block family – the Neem Block! This smart furniture can easily fit into any spaces as a fun storage stool and side table. With its detachable cover, you can hide your clutter in the block and display it effortlessly in your sitting area.

Storage stool side tableStorage stool side table

Storage stool side table living room

Storage stool side table office 


2. Create a Reading Nook

If reading is your therapeutic form of escape, set up your own portable reading corner with M.I.N.T Blocks as your bookshelves and coffee table. You don’t need a great deal of space for this and you can start by choosing a quiet spot that is away from distractions. This can be easily put together with a few Acacia Blocks and a comfy beanbag just like how Juliana (@ilovebunnynet) did below!

 Coffee table hexagon blocks

Mounted display hexagon shelves


3. A Cozy Corner For You and Only You

Throw away the pains of shared spaces and create a space that’s truly yours! Be it a corner in your bedroom or a spot by the window, you can cozy up in style with M.I.N.T Blocks. Keep the space curated with a few personal touches such as decking it out with your treasured collectibles, some of your favorite candles (aromatherapy works wonders!) and even a stash of your go-to snacks.

It’s as simple as displaying a few of your favorite items and Amanda’s (@manda.olivia) aesthetic little set-up definitely nailed it!

 Display shelves hexagon blocks

Display shelves hexagon blocks


4. Divide (and conquer) the Room

Even if you’re sharing a room or common space, you can still make it private by segmenting the area with wall screens, curtains and even some tall plants. Or get creative and break up the space with our Acacia Blocks as a divider cum bookshelves (yes to more storage)! You can build upwards or sideways with these hexagonal blocks, and easily change up the layout whenever you need it.

Display shelves coffee table hexagon living

Display divider bookshelves hexagon


Regardless the purpose of your private nook, M.I.N.T Blocks can definitely get you the space you need! Trust us, you will be amazed at how a few simple steps can refresh a corner of your home into a creative space for you to unwind.

Let’s help you to get things started! We have launched exclusive package deals for Acacia and Neem Blocks so that you can have the best of both worlds.

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If you are looking to spice things up a little, we do provide customisation services so feel free to drop us a note at hello@minthed.co. We promise to give you the space you need!